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PlayVerse S1

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Alien Feet PV

Alien Legs PV

Alien Chest PV

Alien Head PV

Alien Head VIP PV

Alien Legs VIP PV

Alien Chest VIP PV

Alien Feet VIP PV

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi theres some clipping on the male lower body with standard upperbodies

same with the vip version on the back of the male lowerbody

upperbody alien female clips on other lowerbody parts

VIP lowerbody female and male clips with other upperbody parts

vip upperbody’s cloak clips with the legs whilst running


thanks for taking your time on reviewing our wearable. We took a look at your creations (pretty cool to be honest) and we were wondering, how do you actually submit 2 different models for 1 for male 1 for female under the same item and create it unisex, being 2 different gender models? Would you mind explaining guiding us?

sure thing,The first thing to do is to upload the first of the two variations
Select one gender and “no” for “is this part of an existing item”

When you upload the other variation, choose the opposite gender and select “yes” for “is this part of an existing item?” then you will get the option to select the other item you uploaded from the drop down menu


Keep in mind that the 2mb limit is across both variations.

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fixed! now each sex has its own shape. Thanks

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alien legs vip female still needs some attention at the waist

same with the alien chest VIP female

fixed, please check now again

the female vip still needs adjusting at the hip

Hi, We are trying to upload a new version, but since then it is not allowing us to upload both versions (male, female), throws the following error when trying to upload the second version (regardless of uploading first one or the other)

“Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘size’)”

Would you mind helping us?

could you send over the file in a message so i can forward it to the devs?

sent dm with files includeed

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try again now, a fix has been deployed :slight_smile:

yes! updated now please review and let us know.

perfect, this collection has been approved