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Playboy Legend

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Briar Smoking Pipe

Playboy Robe

Playboy Captain Hat

Playboy Trousers and Shoes

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Let me know what you think about it :slight_smile:


Taking a look at the collection now!

I can see some clipping issues with the robe when doing some of the emotes. Let me know when you have it fixed.

@Yannakis thanks for your feedback. Could you specify where the issue appears or send a screenshot?

Thanks, it’s updated and should work now.

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Looks like it still has the same clipping issues for me. Let me know when you fix it by tagging me here

@Yannakis We’ve updated it again and I hope it works now.

The shoes get distorted when running. Let me know when you fix and ill approve asap!

@Yannakis Tanks. Would it be possible that you attach a screenshot of this issue with the shoes?
My designer can’t replicate the bug.

Here you go! Should be an easy fix. Probably weighted to a bone that isnt close to that area.

@Yannakis Thanks. The shoes are updated now as well.

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Looks like its still getting kinda distorted in the front and also has come clipping issues on the side.

@Yannakis Thanks for your patience! We’ve made an update again.

Collection approved!

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