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Play4 De

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, please adjust it to the male waist and add a female representation adjusted to the female waist height.

Here’s a guide on how to add female representation.

Hi Yannakis
Thanks for the feedback!
I just found out about Decentraland’s item feedback system.
Confirmed late.

Edited the item and uploaded the male version.
Is it mandatory to add women’s?

And what if I want to receive a review again?

I’ll wait for your reply
thank you!

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Hey, yeah please add a female representation. Its super easy, you just adjust the height to the female avatars waist and upload as female representation. Just tag me here once done and ill approve!

Thanks for the good feedback!
I added a file for female

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Female needs some work on weighting at hips area. Make sure the lowest part is only affected by the hips bone and not upper legs, spine bones. Also transparent box needs some weighting so it doesnt clip with body for both male and female

hi yannakis
Feedback has been checked and corrected.
During the editing process, the expression was slightly different.
please confirm
thank you for your help!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Collection approved!!

Thank you for your help!
Is i possible mint right now??

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Yes, you can go to collection page and turn on “on sale” or click on “MINT” to mint to any address


Hi Yannakis
I’m really sorry!
this is the last question
Is it possible to upload the same clothes by changing only the color?
Or do I need to make some changes?
I want to upload two of the same clothes with different colors, so I’m preparing.


Hey, happy to answer as many questions as you want! Yes a color change should be good!! Looking forward!

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