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PK Skull

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PK Skull by DOCTORdripp

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PK Skull by DOCTORdripp
This collection is a surprise airdrop to holders of Skate Backpack by DOCTORdripp and the remainders will be listed for sale for 6 mana. Third texture is a small emission map.

PK Skull by DOCTORdripp (294kb glb)
Both: 760 tris
Materials: 2 (base & emissions)
Textures: 3 (base, emission, emission map)

Great work, I love him! And donā€™t worry, your secret is safe with me on the drop. =)

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey currently this is at the height of 2.6m. Please scale down a bit and bring it lower so I can approve asap!

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Height has been reduced by 15% and scale by 10% and is now within the 2.4 meter limit for total height. Ty :slight_smile:

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