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PizzaJams Merch

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PizzaJams hat

PizzaJams Hoodie

I will check collection now!

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awesome! fingers crossed! so excited about this

Hi @PizzaJams, please remove Hat from overrides → wearables list, if you will keep that category here, hat will hide itself

done. thank you! :slight_smile: :+1:

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collection approved!

LETSGOOOOOOO!!! lol tysm I’m suiting up now!

when equipped in DCL the hoodie looks different than it did in the priew editor every way… tips for future reference?

I checked your model and looks like source texture for hoodie have only pizza sticker and transparent background, thats the reason why it may look different on live

Make sure that background of texture with pizza is black (if you want black hoodie) and make sure that image size follows power of two rule (512x512, 1024x1024) otherwise there will be issues related to how models with textures render in game engines works

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