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Pixelated Head

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Pixelated Head

For reference, here are the Minecraft Commercial Usage Guidelines:

Will probably have to change this since the guidelines say “product or design is otherwise entirely original and unique (a “Unique Design”). A Unique Design is something that adds enough personal creativity to make the work distinctive and original . You can’t feature the graphics (textures) of Steve’s face on a product and call it “Inspired by Minecraft”. You also can’t just change a few pixels or colors.”

I see, I missed that. Can I pivot to an original artwork (not Minecraft inspired) to use for this submission?

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Yeah would be a good idea. Not a currator, just a fellow wearable creator

Just so this doesn’t get rejected without the chance to revise: I’m working on something else. Will update in a week or so. Thanks

I’ll keep an eye on this, let me know when you upload a change. As it currently is, I can’t approve it. But don’t worry about a rejection, we want you to come up with awesome work!

Hi @DuckiezKing, I created and uploaded something new. Please view in editor to see the Battle Armor.

I can’t seem to change the collection name, thumbnail image, or rarity. Is this possible? Thanks!

you can’t change the collection name and rarity after you publish. but you can change the thumbnail

Could you pull the back and front out a little more, its clipping through the pants. Or maybe its a bit of a weighting issue. Let me know when you fix these and I will approve!

Actually I’m sorry I didn’t notice how many textures and materials there are. You’ll need to bring it down to 2 materials and 2 textures. Also be sure to add a description and some tags.

I’ll address these and let you know when completed. Thanks!

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Hi @DuckiezKing, all of the changes requested have been fixed.

Thank you for the changes, approved!

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