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Pixel Party Christmas Special

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Ice Skating

Super Eurobeat Vol. 200 Jacket

Hey! Collection is missing in curation tab, can you add tag and push it, thank you!
I will review this collection.

Does it work for you now?

The collection has been assigned to theankou

yep! works like a charm, i will check collection in near minutes, thank you!

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Hey @amanda all good, but there is an issue with emote area, actually your emote should not go outside red cylinder (check docs)

you don’t need to delete it, you can just adjust zone of animation, to match limitations.
also, you can update files in this collection, no need to pay fees again, just tag @theankou me when you will push changes, thank you!

@teankou Okay, uploaded the revised.

i noted one more issue right now… marked part needs to be set to 1 to hip bone, without influence of any other bones on bottom border


okay let me ask the 3D designer to revise this. are there any other issues with either the wearable or emote so that they can fix all of them at once and have it uploaded?

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all the rest is good!

Okay great! will ping you once the revised is up.

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Uploaded! Could you let me know if you can see it on your end?

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collection approved!