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Pitchfork Sitting

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Hey, can you please push a small change? Looks like it hasnt been pushed to curation yet

HI! This is my first submission, where do I go to push it to curation?

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Just need to go to builder page and make a small change like adding a tag and then save.

Its there now! Wearables have to be weighted to bonnes and not static which means vehicles are not allowed anymore… Please change the design and let me know!

Aww man, thank you for your response, I updated the GLB to have the one with pitchfork on hand. Is that better?

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Much better!! Just need to also add an earring to match the category and will be good to approve! Make sure to display it on 50% of thumbnail too!

Is there another category I can put it under so that I don’t have to create something else?

Unfortunately not @dalia

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Got it, can it be a headband?

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Yeah if you switch to tiara category

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Ok i updated the file! Let me know if it looks good! :smile:

Can you please rotate a bit clock wise so that it doesnt go inside the head when running?

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

It is now updated, let me know if it works Yannakis

PLease modify the thumbnail to display the top head on at least 50% of it?

Does that work? Not sure If i understood correctly.

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You have to make a custom thumbnail where the Top head is bigger so it is visible and the Pitchfork is smaller on the side

Hi @Yannakis, the whole design has been updated by the talented @PepeGawd, could i get it approved?

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Hi @Yannakis ! We also updated the thumbnail. Let us know if it needs any changes. Thanks!