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Pioneer Collection - SUMOVERSE

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SUMOVERSE Pioneer Short

SUMOVERSE Pioneer Shirt


hello will review this today

everything seems in order and ready to go can you confirm that you have permission to use the sumoverse logo before approving though?

Hello Lauretta,

First of all thank you for your work reviewing the collection. I think the easiest way to validate would be to send an email to Dexter Leow, the CEO of SumoTex (

I am working with the team to develop the Sumoverse, our development project in Decentraland. We are a unique NFT project, hosted on iotex. Indeed, the holders of our NFT Special Edition are all co-owners of the real estate investments in the real world and the metaverse made by SumoTex.

We can also contact Dexter (CEO) on our telegram (Telegram: Contact @SumoTex).

I remain available to share with you any necessary evidence (e.g. screenshot of discussion with Dexter regarding the first Sumoverse clothing collection).

Best regards,

thanks a lot will approve as soon as I can