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Phetta From Phettaverse

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Laid Back Phetta


excited to see this get approved :slight_smile:

Video if youd like to see the skin in motion :slight_smile:

Hello! Just making sure this is seen.

Heya! Checking this out now

Cool wearable! Heres a few fixes -

-Reduce the Materials to a max of 5


-The shoulders are penetrating through the shirt during the idle


-On the run and jump anim you can see some penetrating on the front thigh and a gap between the pants and shirt.


-The verts on the front and back of the body need to be merged to stop them from seperating on the run


If you’re having trouble with skinning to the games animations, I’d recommend downloading this .glb from the github. It has the run and idle animations in it!


Hello! I have updated the model with a fixed version!

Very cute:P, i want this. :slight_smile:

hehe thank you! <3 :slight_smile:

lmk if there is any other changes @grimey !

Thanks! It all looks good. Nice stuff. Approved!