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Joint Meta

  • Description: Weed joint that everyone will smell. By-PevArt
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: mask

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Hi! Will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! thumbnail should have transparent background and 1024x1024 size

also i think for more accurate result of smoke, you can just rotate some vertices to front, that way smoke will not look flatten when you look on character from front side

Ok, I’m going to review what you tell me on the other hand, the other collectibles are ok? I see that they are not in the process of revision thanks

Hey! Send me link to your other collections? Probably other curators should write some issues that needs to be fixed on your collections :thinking:

This link (urn:decentraland:matic:collections-v2:0x7b709105ed0cb89e50f7437a8bcec93d9750d2f1) you mean?

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oh i see, you updated collection, i will check it now

The jacket and the dress have been reviewed, please tell me the feedback, thank you.

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And the flover, tell me

Hey @Fleka14 !

  • this part should be weight painted to 1 to hip bone

  • dress weed have wrong hiding categories, remove lower_body from replaces and add it to hiding list instead

  • weed dress also needs a bit small weight painting or vertcies adjustment on back of skirt to avoid overlaps with leg when you run

I have changed the things you have told me, tell me now how you see it.

Thank you

Hi! Somehow you were able to add 3 more items to the collection after publishing it. This is not possible at the moment as when you publish the collection contract, it can’t be modified.
We have moved the items out of the collection.

Ok, so you are going to make the object available for sale?

Hey Fleka14! Sorry for delay, i will check your collection now

collection approved!

Hello, I need the photo change to be approved.

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Hi! i will re-approve collection soon

sorry, but i can’t approve current thumbnail, background should be transparent.