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Petaverse - Comfy Edition

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The Petaverse Pony Pijama

The Petaverse Aligator Pijama

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Theres some gaps in the shoulders

The thumbnails are the same in the builder but are correct in the test area, could you reuppload the crock thumbnail see if that resolves it

Hey @Sango thanks for the quick feedback. Reviewing this.

Regarding the thumbnail, I’ve just updated it 5 min ago in the builder, after noticing in the blog post that I’ve had the same for both. Should be fixed? let me know.

ah yes the thumbnail is sorted now, let me know when you close up the gap and ill get it approved

Made the update. Let me know if anything :slight_smile: @Sango

This collection has been approved

Awesome. quick question: if I update the name, and push the changes. will it update immediately in the marketplace? Thanks

@Sango just updated name. Waiting for re-approval :pray:


Update has been pushed