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Pepe Gawd’s Edition 1

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Juicy Pepe

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! Tech is good
Please send IP rights for Pepe the Frog to

Hello fabeeobreen,
I’ve been told that a frog avatar and the name “Pepe” is generic enough to not require IP rights. Shall I just not call it “Pepe”? It’s a jacked frog avatar…
Let me know best next steps. Thank you!

I could name it “Juicy Frog”?

Hello @PepeGawd
You will not be able to change the collection name, you need to update your wearable design.
Right now its looking very similar to Pepe the frog which is copyright protected.
My suggestion is to create an original shape

Hi fabeeobreen,
Thank you for looking into this…
Considering DecentralGames also uses Pepe as their Blackjack dealer… Is this an issue as well?

I was also able to mint and use the name “PepeGawd”… Which I figured was an indication of this being allowed.

Hello @PepeGawd
Minting a name is not an indicator of allowance: you can mint any name not yet minted and be responsible of it.

About DecentralGames: Pepe memes are generally allowed to exist because of the “fair use” doctrine of US copyright law. Fair use is shorthand for the fair use clause of US copyright law, which allows a copyrighted work to be remixed or reproduced as long as it’s for a “transformative” purpose like commentary, education, or parody.

This doesn’t apply for commercial use like wearables.

Thanks for the explanation, fabeeobreen. I’ll make one last attempt to see if Matt Furie can allow IP rights for Pepe in DCL, but looks like it’s likely back to the drawing board :confused:

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wish you luck this looked super fun and cool.

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