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PD Helmeteer - Drop 1

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PD Helmet - Safety 101

Hey, I’ll review this now~

This is good to go, if you can also hide mask then I’ll be able to approve!
Let me know when it’s updated and I’ll close it off~

Hi Michi, thanks so much for reviewing - I added hide mask in the settings as well. Please let me know if there is anything else required or if we are good to go!

Thank you and best regards!


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This is all approved~
Let me know if you have anything else I can help with!

Excellent, thank you so much! What else do I need to do or at this point I should be able to put the collection up in the marketplace? Thanks again and best regards!

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Up to you! You can mint a few to your wallet or put up for sale in the marketplace~
Definitely have a bit of a plan, some people set up ‘drop events’ and do presale and other sell straight away and other people do giveaways to boost brand exposure. The world is yours my friend!

Awesome thanks so much!

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I have 2 questions:

  1. I minted one to one of my wallets to test it out and see what it would look like on OS and when I do, there is no image and I got a message at the top of OS that says: " Polygon is experiencing stability issues that may impact your transactions. This is under investigation." Is this something you’ve run into?

  2. If I want to edit how the collection looks in OS, do I have to do that through DCL or do I do it in OS? I tried in OS and couldn’t find how to do it.

Thanks so much!

So 1. that’s a polygon issue so just try again and it should work. (Maybe even clear cache)
2. not sure what you mean when you want to update OS look? After a while your wearables will merge with the Decentraland wearable collection!

Thank you and regarding #2, understood. Thanks so much!

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