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Party Cracker Hats

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Red partyhat

Yellow partyhat

White partyhat

Green partyhat

Blue partyhat

Purple partyhat

Gold partyhat

Crystal partyhat



  • Summer will be here in a matter of days and what’s a better way to celebrate than with festive partyhats for the meta family? These cracker hats of many colors are releasing during a month of celebrating global pride and are a subtle homage to one of the greatest web-based RPGs of the past, re-envisioned for a new era.


  • 200 of each Rare variant (20% of the collection) are earmarked for airdrops to current and new players — that’s 1,200 free partyhats!
  • 70% of the partyhats will be available for purchase in-game and on the marketplace and will help fund the minting of this project as well as future project developments for the metaverse
  • 10% of the remaining partyhats will be reserved for future events and potential giveaways to help foster community support and engagement


  • 1000x Rare variants are purposefully made to be available for a paltry sum so that they are accessible and appeal to players of all types. Rare partyhats range from 8 MANA to 25 MANA each and collecting all 6 colors will cost 100 MANA total — even less if you attain some from PartyPete’s airdrop party!
  • 100x Legendary Gold variants will be available for 100 MANA, some of which will be saved for future promotions and community giveaways
  • 10x Mythic Crystal variants will be available for 1000 MANA, some of which will be saved for future promotions and community giveaways


  • Following approval and marketplace minting, user Archonomous will begin working on preparing an airdrop to players beginning in the month of July. You may already sign up to partake in the drop by completing the form below, assuming the collection gets approved:

Dear @Kat,

This collection was recently migrated from its own contract (Party Cracker Hats) to the Decentraland Wearables contract. When this happened, it seems that the NFT thumbnail image quality was lowered substantially (see attached image for example of lowered quality).

I originally submitted 2K pixel PNGs of each hat and other items have sharp images on OpenSea—what can be done to resolve this? Thank you in advance.


Hi there! The maximum thumbnail size for Decentraland wearables is 1024x1024px, smaller sizes like 512x512 or 256x256 are also great. What happened with the migration could be part of an automatic process in order to keep wearables light enough to load on the platform.
Re. OpenSea, I believe they’re still working on features for polygon NFTs.

Okay good to know, thanks for sharing for future reference. I hope that OpenSea fixes their polygon NFTs soon, as I noticed the blurry image happening with many other L2 creators’ work.

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Hello @Kat ~ I hope this note finds you well. This collection has just been updated and resubmitted for your approval when possible.

The 6 Epic partyhats remain unchanged, however the Mythic Crystal & Legendary Gold have received a subtle graphical facelift and updated thumbnails to match. Thank you kindly in advance!

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Hello @Kat! Kindly bumping this re-review up for you to see when you have a moment. Thanks!

Hi Kat, bumping this again as it’s been a while and these simply need to be re-approved when you’re able. Only two minor adjustments were made - see above for details, thank you!