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Parkour To Earn

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Advanced Access Shades

General Access Shades

Parkour Crown


The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey @Rezonator or Metaparty haha

This is good to go just some confusion on category choice. Can you please update this to be eyewear category?
Product name is even “shades” so it will definitely be misleading~

hey @michi thank you for reviewing mate.

Ive made the changes you suggested!

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This is super cool, really like this alot!

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Thanks for that! It’s all approved, really awesome work from Metaparty~

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Hey @michi I’m trying to turn the items on for sale but its stating they are not approved as of yet :slight_smile:

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Try again now~

I very much like the look of these! Great work!

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thanks @michi they are all approved

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