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Paris NFT Day

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Paris NFT Day Cap

Paris NFT Day T-Shirt

Will check these now!

Hey, just gotta fill the gap on both fem and male versions of the hat and some flipped normals on male version of shirt!

Hey @Yannakis
The male t-shirt is fixed.

Just a note on the cap - it’s an exact copy of the DCL Mana cap from the DCL Repo with the texture map replaced. This grab is from avatar-assets/M_Hat_MANA.glb at master · decentraland/avatar-assets · GitHub :

It would require another layer of mesh in the interior so would add some triangles that would be never seen. But understand if you are on an initiative to fix up some long standing issues - as a lot of caps are based on this version from the DCL repo

Would you like us to fix the cap? Happy too but if so, it should really be fixed in the DCL repo also.

Actually these are just examples and not wearables that people should use to retexture since you’re also signing that you’ve made the item and its unique when publishing. To fix this issue all you’d have to do is extrude the edges towards the head.

OK thanks @Yannakis the change has now been made hopefully that is good now. Just to be clear, the starting point mesh had been modified and then UV’d and retextured - but it was based on the open source one on GitHub.

Collection approved.