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Paradise, by Whiffy & Princess

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Vegas Sign

  • Description: Welcome to Fabulous Decentraland, by Whiffy & Princess.
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: top_head

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Green Vegas Sign

  • Description: Premium edition of Vegas Sign, for winners of W&P giveaways.
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: top_head

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Super excited to work with POAPprincess on this one!

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Whiffy and I are super excited about this project! We would like to point out that the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is famously not copyrighted.

Creator Betty Willis deliberately chose not to copyright it. This decision has been a topic of conversation at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

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Hey @poapprincess and @Whiffy ,
I’ll check this now~

This is just so cute and fun! The only thing is just the logo usage, if you can just email and shoot a statement showing you have confirmation to use the logo and I can approve!

Thank you~

@michi, which logo are you referring to? The “W crown” logo is an original creation and we thought that we already provided sufficient proof that the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” design does not require permission.

I’m nervous that we don’t have any additional statements. I sent an email but I didn’t know what else to do except to repeat those sources; we were hoping that would be enough.


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Oh sorry, haha. Nothing wrong!
Just standard procedure logo usage on wearables just need to be sent to legal, not personal haha

No stress AT ALL! These are actually good to go and just waiting to hear back from legal to give the green light. So sorry to stress you out haha


Okay, thamks @michi ! We weren’t sure if you’re talking about the “W crown” logo or the “Welcome to Las Vegas” design.

In any event, once it’s approved is there any way for us to have the Epic go on sale and the Legendary in the same collection to not go on sale?

At least for the time being, we’d prefer the Legendary to be giveaways & secondary market only. We were wondering if there was a way to achieve this without setting the Legendary at an outlandish price.

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Oops, talking about the ‘W’ logo, not the las vagas sign!
Currently there’s not a way to manage individual items from a collection onto the marketplace. If it’s on sale, all go on sale and vice versa~

Hey @michi, we were just wondering what the progress on this is. Has legal given the green light yet? How long does this process usually take? Thamks!

You are totally right, it shouldn’t take this long. Super sorry, I’ll drop a comment to legal now!

Hey @poapprincess , legal is saying they didn’t receive an email just yet about the W logo.

If you can shoot that through again, that would be awesome!

@michi, We sent the email on April 9 (USA time). We’ve resent another email just now (today, 4:07 am Los Angeles time). Thamks!

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Thank you and sorry for the delay!

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@michi, do you know why the legal team is saying they haven’t gotten the email and/or when this collection will be approved? Thanks.

@michi, is it possible for us to submit this item without the logo in question and have it approved immediately with the understanding that we will submit for an edit to include the logo whenever legal decides to stop gaslighting us?

So not sure the trouble and it’s strange they aren’t receiving the email and it’s definitely not a personal action but seems a tech issue.

I’m about to approve this based off everything you’ve been able to provide but just noticed the thumbnails currently aren’t transparent. If you can update that, I will approve asap!

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@michi, we’ve believe the thumbnails are updated now. Thamks.

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Thanks, thats all approved! Let me know if you have any issues, so sorry for the delay!

Thanks, @michi!

We plan to use this logo in future wearables. What should we be doing in the future to avoid this hassle? It seems like the legal team not receiving emails is a cause for concern for the future of Decentraland as a whole…