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Oni Jester Mask

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RGB - Oni Jester Mask

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Dear Curator i made this wearable,

I tested the wearable on Ropsten Test network and builder, the earrings dont have to be hidden since i sized it with the base mesh ears, glasses are optional it depends on which glasses a DCL citizen is choosing & at last the tiara can fits on the head.

I made a custom thumbnail which is sized both in DCL and market.
The hair color is not changeable since i did want the hair to stay these to colors.
The stripes on the mask are recolorable instead.


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Ooh forgot to mention that i am aware that it is over 500 tris, but since it near covers the entire head & all other categories i hoped that it should be oke.

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, consider changing it’s category to “Helmet”.

Otherwise it’s good to go.


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Heey @AndreusAs happy to see u again :smiley: Done i made the wearable a helmet and did mask on hidden

Oh btw @AndreusAs i updated the thumbnail the font in the rgb circle wasn’t visible since the font was white i made it outlined so that it would

Hey, collection has been approved!

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Thank you very much <3

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Hey andreus i forgot to remove top head from hide, but i did now can it be re aproved <3

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection re-approved!

@AndreusAs fixed a glowing problem on that appeared only in browser and not in client
Worked great on ropsten & client

Hey, collection re-approved!

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Hey andreus, I’m still trieng to fix this i see the problem with the emission is fixed now but now it doesnt shade well,

This is in browser

This is on client

So what i did now is reduce the the file of the uploaded image in shading and republish it to see if this works & if this does, I can help many more people with the same problem.

Can you reapprove for me again?
Omg i feel so guilty I keep asking this.

@AndreusAs hey did you read my message?

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991

Hey, collection re-approved! Sorry for the delay, looks like I missed the forum notification.

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