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Omnia Online

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Bunny Headband

Will check this now!

Hey, the normals are flipped. Let me know when its fixed and ill approve asap!

This has been done. If you can review at your earliest convenience, thank you very much.

Hey, still looks the same. Select mesh in edit mode and click Mesh-Normals-Flip

I went back in to validate that this step was followed, and it certainly is. Looks good in editor and DCL on my end. If there’s anything else on your end you can see or do that would resolve that, I would appreciate it. If I can find anything on my end, I’ll leave another message and update

UPDATE: I think I figured it out. Updating eta 3 minutes.

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Alrighty. I think we took care of it. Had to look at “custom normals only” setting etc.

If you could please approve at your earliest convenience if all is fine, thank you. Been super excited now for like 3 days lol

Look great, approving now!

Thank you very much, we are live!

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