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Old Guy Hat

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Old Guy Hat

hi can you go back into the editor and wait a minute to help it get pushed to the curators tab

ok once in there then what?

The collection has been assigned to Sango

thats all. it has now been pushed and i will check it over

thank you so much Sango

it looks like your normals are flipped

select all your faces on the model in edit mode and flip them with this option

Ok Give me some time to reach out to the guy helpping me

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update was made. let me know if I uploaded it right?

please set hair to hide

you can add your own hair to the model or leave it hidden

ok it is done sorry didn’t know it would change after the new upload

Perfect, this collection has been approved

thank you sorry for all the problems

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Hello I made some changes to the hat can it be reviewed again? it is under review status.

Can some one help me with the review of this wearable. It keeps telling me this ( There are unsynced items in this collection Updated items are being reviewed by the curation committee. Once they are approved,they will be automatically visible to the current owners and in the Marketplace.)
any help would be great.

hey the thumbnail and ingame model do not mach
could you fix this

ok I made the changes thanks

The thumbnail should be 1024x1024 with a transparent background

ok this should be better

in the editor preview it is brown and black ingame. they need to match so people know exactly what theyre buying