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OG Rovi Operator

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OG Rovi Operator

  • Description: Early Rovi Operators, flex your Rovi companion battle bot.
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: earring

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Checking this out now!

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Cool stuff! Looks great!

Because this is using an earring slot - Could you modify the wearable to also include an earring or something to sit in the characters ears? This makes the item more relevant to the slot. Or if you change to Top_head you could have an item above the players head to match that slot. This is until we have more appropriate slot names for wearables like this.

For example - Collection 'Alpha Angels' created by ALPHAALVES#c9af is ready for review! - #9 by Billyteacoin

This item is a necklace but uses the top_head slot. And also features a halo above the players head.

If you have any questions let me know.


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sorry for the late reply, this is the first wearable we submit under this new process.

What is the common position for this type of wearable that is acceptable without having to modify the file itself?

No worries, we’ll make the modifications and update here. Thanks!

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Hey @Will let me know if you’d like this to be re-reviewed!

Hello again. The model was just updated. Apologies for taking so long. Let me know if there is any other feedback.

Great thanks @Will ! Could you update the thumbnail to include the earring too? Cheers!

Sure! Just updated the thumbnail. Let me know if there’s anything else. Thanks.

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Great thanks. Approved!