Collection ' NRVerse x MGH DAO x Moon Bash' created by 0x5875...e6398 is ready for review!

NRVerse x MGH DAO x Moon Bash

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Green Energy Black Hat

Green Energy Silver Hat

Green Energy Gold Hat

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! :slight_smile:
Rigging is good!

  • Add “hair” as hide, most are clipping with the wearable. You can either add your custom hair geometry or use it as it is now.
  • Silver and Gold : please reduce texture amount to 2
    Let me know when you are done! :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you very much for your feedback.

I added “hair” to the hide filter, so that is done.

Regarding the textures, we modelled the caps with only one texture but for some reason its showing 2 and 3 on the editor.

What could we do about it?


Hello @Camilo!

  • Switch from “replace” to “hide” for the hair. (see image)
  • About textures: it is showing 3 texture because your hat model is made of 2 parts: cap + propeller.
    you might want to join/combine those part in one single mesh with one single material.
    In this specific case wearables are very light (kb) and if you have problems joining the 2 mesh part I can approve as it is. Just keep in mind for future creations.

Thank you for your feedback, will get that taken care of!

Hi @fabeeobreen we just implemented the needed changes. Thank you!

Collection approved! :slight_smile: @Camilo

Thank you very much @fabeeobreen

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@fabeeobreen I do have one more question. Why is the collection hidden on OpenSea? What should I do so it gets shown? Thank you in advance!

Hello @Camilo
On Opensea: Minted Polygon NFT are set hidden by deafult.
That doesn’t mean people can’t fnd your collction anyway.
If you want you can unhide nft into your wallet from the opensea UI.