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There’s a little clipping between the lower part of the jacket and the hands.

There seem to be similarities to existing wearables however the collection is still distinctly different, it might be a good idea to ask the community how they feel about it.

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It’s so uniquely fitting for NotSanta as he’s somewhat of a icon at DG imo

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Hi! Notice that there is some minor issues with the skinning on the back.

Also it seems that you have uploaded the male representation, do you want to add a Female version?



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no female version need, it is a 1 off for a gentleman. Uploading now.

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Thank you! it’s approved.

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hey can i request to have names changed to this pls? :smiley:

Santa’s Lucky Suit Top
Description - Santa’s Lucky Suit top hand knit by Mrs. Claus herself. There may be a few milk stains and cookie crumbs as Santa loves to snack while he gambles. “An ounce of goodness everyday,
Can soothe the heart in many ways,
An ounce of goodness ‘just because’
Don’t wait until Christmas to be Santa Claus.”

Santa’s Lucky Suit Bottom

Santa’s Lucky Boots

Santa’s Lucky Spectacles

Santa’s Lucky Hat

We will add more descriptions if that first one is not too long. Is there a character limit?

I don’t think names/descriptions can be changed once an item has been approved. :confused:

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