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North African Man

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White Turban

Brown PinStripe Thobe

Taking a look at this now!

Could you make the turban double sided so its not transparent? Also you should either hide hair or make some hair with the hat so it doesnt collide with it. Let me know when you have it fixed by tagging me here!

Fixed. In thickening the turban, and pulled out the back some more so that the hair wasn’t showing. I didnt want to replace the hair with my own as I didn’t want to dictate to people what type of hair they have, lol. I hope this is satisfactory. It works with most hair styles, just not extremes like punk, anime, etc

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Yeap thats a really good thought. Will check it now!

Collection approved! Love the concept!

Thanks. Trying to bring traditional dress from all around the world into DCL. I’ve seen mainly costume play clothing, and western clothing. Nothing new. Thanks for replying so quickly

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