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Horn Rimmed Glasses - Black

  • Description: 1950s style eyewear with transparent lenses
  • Rarity: common
  • Category: eyewear

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RARITY: Common

View of the glasses “in world”:

Close up of the glasses:

Action Shot:


Just what I need! I always love a pair of black-rimmed glasses!

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Great! I can’t wait until you can get yourself a pair. With all the glowing, floating, fantastical wearables on offer, it’s nice to have a simple, stylish item available.


make sure they are 100% skinned to the head joint. I used /emote headexplode to check, you can see it is clipping as i do the emote.

I checked the weighting of the glasses for all of the Vertex Groups. I removed weighting from every single group, one at a time and reweighted the glasses to the head joint. Though it appears that the scale of the glasses is off. They clip the head all the time. I had earlier models that clipped just the ears so I scaled the glasses down. Now they seem to be too small. Whish I could remember what obscure menu I clicked or what I did to cause this problem.

Hope to have this fixed soon.

Fixed the scale and the clipping based on the Builder view. Now I’m about to check them in world.
No clipping

Not sure what the black material on the hands is all about. :thinking:

I think it’s all fixed now. Here are some screenshots doing different emotes in world:
Throw money
clap close up

Great, thx for making the changes, approved it now :+1:

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To celebrate the publication of my eyeglasses, I will mint and gift a pair for each of the next 5 people that reply to this post with their wallet address. Four out of five DCL-izens agree that avatars with eyewear look smarter. What are you waiting for?


Pretty cool and well realized, and of widespread use!


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Thanks @PolyMad. Your pair is on the way.

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That’s very cool, 0x14e5aE2967a91E17a3A6cBeB104b96aB21B74B5C thanks!

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im interested. plz. thank u

Check your Collections. I just minted yours.

@DePhiCzar , you got the last pair over on Discord. Do you want a second pair or would you like to leave it open for someone else to get it?

pay it forward to the next! thanks again mate!

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Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 9.42.55 AM

Thank you so much!

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You’re lookin’ pretty smart in those new glasses @DePhiCzar! :wink:

Nice, im intrested. thx

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@luxor, check your collections. I just minted your pair.


Still two more pairs remaining for this giveaway.

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