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NFA Hoodie

checking collection now!

  • add facial hair to hiding list (reason: there might be in future /or already exsists some facial hairs , that will be very long, and they will overlap with your hoodie)

  • remove top_head from hiding list (for both)

  • weight painting requires some fixing

  • hair overlaps with neck :frowning: can you move this part a bit further please (on male too)

  • this part seems to be intended? if yes, it’s ok i think

Thank you for the feedback, Okay, I received the updated assets from the modeler. Although I am have trouble updating the Hoodie because there are two assets (male/female). Every time I upload one or the other - the viewer breaks AND the overrides are reset. Am I doing something wrong?

Corrected assets are uploaded. Ready for review.

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collection approved!