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NKT Parrot Head

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Parrot Head

  • Description: Polygonal Parrot Costume
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: helmet

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Reviewing this now :+1:

Hey, a couple of things you should adjust.

The neck should be connected with the rest of the avatar. You can add the original neck of the avatar if you want. You also need to put a cap on the bottom of the parrot mask. Right now there is nothing underneath and you can see inside the mask.

And the thumbnail needs to be adjusted. The background has to be transparent, right now there is a gray background, you have to crop that out and leave only the parrot visible. The thumbnail also needs to be 256x256p

Thank you for the help!! I think I fixed the problems.

Hey, thanks for fixing it :+1:

one more thing remains though, the space underneath the mask is still open, so you can see inside the mask if you look from below.
You need to close it up like this



So I made a face that is a little ways into the helmet to Give the effect of something you put on. Does that work?

I see it, but it doesn’t extend far enough into the helmet, i can still see the backfaces on the mask.

Also I think it would look better if you beveled the edge to add a little thickness, but that’s just my opinion, up to you.

Ok. Understood. I will upload a new version tomorrow. Thanks!!

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So I’m trying to edit the helmet and its giving me the following error on the edit page. Won’t let me save changes. I logged out and and back in but that didn’t work. Any Ideas?

Hey, could you try again? I think there were some issues with the builder earlier

Ok. Was able to upload. I lowered the face in the opening of the helmet and added a bit of thickness to the edge.

Great, approved now :+1:

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Thanks so much!!!

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