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Ninja Xolo Shell

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Ninja Xolo Shell w/ Halo

ayyyy. shell gang. lessgo. it looks dope BTW.

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Thank you! Much love! :slightly_smiling_face:

hi i will review this collection now

could you get this reduced to 500 tris, as it is in the accessory slot?

@Sango :grimacing: sorry about that. I should have paid more attention. Was hard enough to get it below 1500 tris but I will look into it and try again. By chance, what if I am unable reduce it to 500 tris?

lets see how close you can get :slight_smile:

@Sango Sounds good! I shall try :grin: might compromise the look a bit but lets find out. I will get back to you once I have something. Thank you for your help! Talk to you soon! :blush:

@Sango So I’m definitely no expert in this but went ahead and got it down to under 500 Tris somehow. Had to change the design and resize due to clipping issues =( but should be ready to go now. Please let me know if this will work. Thank you! :blush:

this collection has been approved

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Thank you for your help! Much appreciated! :blush:

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