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Hello checking this now

Do you have ownership / IP rights to use the nfts and the ‘Avastars’ name on the cap?
Plese provide them to

Hey @fabeeobreen, I’m modelling these items. I will fix the issues and come back soon.

I reckon that the evidence materials were already sent to them by the owner of this collection.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi @fabeeobreen,

I have sent an email in regards to the question you have above.

The Avastar is owned by a previous co founder of NFT42, who are the creators of Avastars.
"The collection was developed by NFT42, an NFT-focused venture founded by NFT-enthusiast Jim McNelis. Meanwhile, Marmota x Milky, a team of artists, designed the art for Generation 1 Avatars. " From an article

Also here is the owner of the NFT opensea account:[sortBy]=LISTING_DATE

& twitter handle

If you have any follow up questions please don’t hesitate to ask. As i mentioned on the email non of the wearbale assts will be on sale, but airdropped to claimants of the physical item.

I would love to collaborate to DCL on a Official capacity if this is possible.

Thank you for your time.


I have updated the collection for both Male and female items.

Thank you @Cebollitos

Feel free to have a look @fabeeobreen

Thank you

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Hello @Cryptolander and @Cebollitos
Great you sent the email, i’ll be wait for green light from the legal team!

About the models:

  • Please use max 2 texture and 2 material per wearables.
  • Add hair as ‘hides’
  • Check if you want to add tags and descriptions for each wearable
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Thank you for the update @fabeeobreen.

I will get this sorted and re update when possible @Cebollitos

Can I also ask,

If the green light is just regards Avastars, can the other be pre approved if their is no issues relating to them?

Thank you

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Is the full collection to be approved, not the single wearable.
I will be able to approve only once everything is in place :slight_smile:

Hi @fabeeobreen

@Cebollitos has done an amazing job and implemented the changes you have asked.

I have also hidden the hair on both Male and Female traits.

Please feel free to check and see if all is in good order.

Thank you

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Good job @Cebollitos, tech is now good to go!

@Cryptolander I’ll let you know once i receive feedback from the legal team.

Some wearables still miss description, it is not mandatory to write one but it will not be super fast to update/change once the collection is approved, always check twice.
Cheers guys :slight_smile:


Hi @fabeeobreen

Would you know roughly how long it may take for legal team to get back to the question?

Just to be clear again I plan to sell non of wearables on the open market. All NFT assts are owned and have full consent from the owners to create these wearable for their communities too co exists with Physical real world hats I will create for the projects.

Thank you for your time.

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Hello @Cryptolander !
Green light! Collection has been approved :slight_smile:

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So good !!!
Thanks for the help on review @fabeeobreen!
And thank you @Cryptolander for the trust on my work!!!

I hope we can keep this partnership for a long way!

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