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Stripe Shirt


Looks so cool! I can’t wait to see it in action in Decentraland!

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

This is really awesome, love phygitial items so much!
Just a few updates before I can approve this, currently looks like female has the male representation applied. The hip placement is incorrect~

Currently it’s super subtle but there’s a weighting issue just on the sleeve

Other than that it’s good to go!
Let me know with an @ when it’s ready to be reviewed again, thank you!

Edit: Also just make sure the thumbnail is 512x512 or 1024x1024 transparent png~

hey there @michi I truly appreciate your kind words!!! I have properly uploaded the female representation this time sorry for any delay i may have caused you!!! hope to see you in DCL or at NFT NYC!

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Hey @MetaWearDrip ! Would love to one day attend, I’m currently located in Australia so polar opposite side of the planet~

Just looking at this the hips seems to have conflict in weighting or need to be 100% connected tot he hip bone. Have a look, it seems to be coming off the lower body~

Let me know if you need more support with this and I’m happy to help asap!

hey @michi sorry for my delay as I’m computerless as of right now so making these edits isn’t easy but I believe everything is up to date please let me know if not otherwise!!! I appreciate you truly!!!

Hello again @michi all edits have been completed just waiting on approval and would really appreciate having that before the end of NFT NYC in 2 day if possible. Thank you in advance!

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All approved, thank you~