Collection 'Neon Reaper Top Head 2021-2022' created by krakenteach#27da is ready for review!

Neon Reaper Top Head 2021-2022

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Neon Reaper Top Head


All set (Female):

Front Female:

Back Female:

Front man:

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Its the same bloom effect % like the other pieces

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Hey @krakenteach#27da!

1)I think reducing the glow will be better, otherwise can be a bit intrusive to other players.

  1. Regarding the height of the wearable please try to keep a max of 2,42m please.


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Thank you very much, I have already corrected everything and I just uploaded it! @shibu

Waiting for verification!

Hey @krakenteach! Awesome!

I notice that this part of the wearable is moving a bit off, look:

You can take a look in world when you are running.

I would say to attach the roots of the tentacles to the avatar’s neck more neatly and then weight that base to the neck bone and see how it goes.


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The good file is uploaded! I forgot the automatic influences for doing it fast! Thank you very much for your dedication <3

@Shibu waiting verification for the top head!

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 17.26.08
Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 17.26.11

I still see the base of the tentacles a bit off :sweat_smile:

Now! Its Ready! @shibu