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Neon Clever Girls

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Clever Girls Neon Head

Clever Girls Neon Claws Hoodie

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Hey, reviewing this now

I noticed there is some bleeding in the texture / UV map around the logo on the back of the hoodie.


Underneath ‘‘girls’’ on the right side there is some slight green emissive. Can you double check the texture to make sure there is no emissive bleeding into the part where the logo is?

Thank you! Checking on this now <3

hello friend! It seems to be ok

we are making another version, will get back to you asap! <3

This is the view I’m seeing in game for this model. I don’t see any glow bleeding, and I’ve got a feeling it’s got to do with you using low quality render settings to preview, combined with the pixel margins included in the texture bake (I use 3px UV packing on all of my projects). I’ve not been able to see this rogue glow in any versions of the project, from blender, to editor, to in-game.
However, I’ve added a new shader to the model, for the hoodie, that doesn’t have the emission connected.


It is visible in the builder preview too as well as in-world.
I downloaded the file and noticed that some vertices are not merged in the locations where the bleeding is happening, it could be this that is the issue. Could you double check this with your model?


you can see the vertex i’m pointing out corresponds with the bleeding / artifact in picture below.

Yep, that’s a problem with the pixel margins. Never had this issue before, and I’ve always used 3px as my standard.
I’ll bake a new one tomorrow.

For the record, though, when you import a GLB into blender, as far as i can tell, you always end up with verts that are unmerged (open literally any decentraland wearable template, select all verts, M, merge by distance, and youll see what I mean). They’re merged in the master blend file though, I promise you.


Okay, this is what’s getting me. Below, you can see the original hoodie (no emission) and the new version (emissions)

the glow version hoodie itself uses the exact same texture and UV mapping as the non-glow version, but only one of them is creating this effect in DCL.
Both versions look fine in blender, 3pixel margin on a texture bake bas been enough on every other wearable that I’ve created.
I’m not sure what’s going on here, but ill figure it out.

No glb’s that i have downloaded in the curation process have all the vertices unmerged, and this only has them in those specific locations. But I see your original model (the gif) looks fine, so I’m not sure what is happening either. But the artifacts are there, so there’s something that needs to be fixed. Maybe increase the padding / margin between the uv islands. And is the emissive texture the same resolution as the colormap?

Fat baby is being rate limited as a new user, but has asked me to let you know that they’ve uploaded a new version!

hello! I have updated the new versions, any news? Thank you so much!

Hey, sorry for the delay, approved :+1:

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Approved it now :+1:

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thank you!!! (ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง