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Myah 1

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Braided necklace

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello! :slight_smile:

  • Please add some earring geometry to justify category and include it in at least 50% of the thumbnail
  • I see you rigged the necklace to the head bone, you will get better results with animations if you rig it to the neck bone instead.
  • Wearables are not double sided in game, please add back geometry to avoid any see through
    Let @ me know here when you are done!

I fixed the model.

Hey Mari…and Fabeeobreen …hello… ! Have a greate sunday !

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Hi Atro and Fabeeobreen!

Hello guys! @Mari94_6 , @Atrovenado !
Rigging is good! Much better good job :slight_smile:

  • Wearable is still sigle sided in game, see image. Create some back geo to make it visible from inside and outside
  • Add Earring, even a tiny one, and include in at least 50% of final thumbnail
  • There is no thumbnail at the moment, please update it :slight_smile:


Hey Fabeeobree and Atro!
Model is ready for review!

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Hello @Mari94_6
Necklace is now double sided, good!

Hi! Fabeeobreen and Atro!
I fixed the earring and gem normals.

Hello @Mari94_6 ! :slight_smile:
Collection approved!

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