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My Zed Set

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Dark blue hijab

Blue pattern top

Blue pattern trousers

Will take a look at these now!

Hey, hope you’re doing great! Just some clipping issues with the top and some normal issues for the hijab. Let me know when you’ve fixed it by tagging me here!


Thanks for the swift reply. I’m not able to edit the Hijab until Monday as one member of staff who has access to the original file is not here. As for the top clipping issue, how would I resolve that? Meaning, how do I control how it behaves when jumping?

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Making it wider and playing with the weighting should fix the problem! No rush! Just tag me here whenever you have updated the file!

I have not fixed this one also. Thanks again for all your help

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Is “not” meant to be in your reply?

One last fix before i can approve. Any way to connect those or add some faces here so its not single sided?

Lol, sorry, I meant to say I have fixed it, but it looks like I havent, lol. Let me get on it. This one is weird, as I’m sure we modified it to be solid.

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I think it should be fixed now, totally. Please let me know if there is anything else to fix

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Collection approved!