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My Preciousssssssss!

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**My Precious Bling Ring **

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Hey! I will check this collection :slight_smile:

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

thumbnail barely visible, can you update it please?
wearable itself is ok

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@theankou yeah idk how its so tiny! lol I’ll check it out now thanks :slight_smile:

@theankou updated thumbnail, hopefully thats all good now? thank you!

thumbnail is ok, what about category, i think tiara will fit better

also i’m confused about this two rings collections, actually if rings position is the same, if someone will wear ring-tiara and ring-earring together they will overlap with each other and i think this issue needs to be solved

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hey! That was my mess up I was supposed to put it under tiara catagory!lol that should be fixed now? i will mention about the over lap and double check! but i remember it was tested together and they fit nicely next to eachother :slight_smile:

@theankou i just spoke to them and its supposed to be tophead for this one so changed it to that…if there is any issues with overlapping let me know and i’ll let them know or tag them in the post! ty :slight_smile:

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Hey @theankou I modeled these for Endo. This one should have been “top head category” apologies. I think Endo has pushed the fix.

Note: should not overlap with the other ring submitted, they’re positioned slightly off to avoid this.


Hey! I will check collection in 1-2 hours

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checking now, sorry for delay

Hey Crypt_Sannin! Sorry, but i checked marketplace wearables and looks like most of hand accessories used in earring or tiara category, top_head is not right place for your wearable. If you want it to be top_head move sparkles on top of head to match category, currently sparkles looks like tiara.

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Will do this, thanks

collection approved!