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please make a thumbnail with a transparent background.

There is also an error with the model, check the armature has not got any bones with “_end” in the name

You can click “see in world” from the editor tab to check how it is work

Hi Sango,

Thanks for your response. I really don’t know how to fix the issue. I wonder whether you can help me fix the error?

Thank you so much!

I have changed and modified. Could you please check again?

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Still has the same issue. make sure the armature has no bones with “end” in the name, these can be deleted if there are some.

also make sure that if you are exporting by checking the "selected only " option make sure the armature and the model are both selected when you export

Can you give me more instructions on how to delete “end” in the name? Which “tab” should I check?

  1. expand your armature drop down on the right hand column

  2. select the bones with end in the name

  3. hover your mouse over the viewport with bones with end in their name and press delete > bone

there will be an end bone on the end of each finger, toes and the head totalling 13 bones with the word “end” in their name.

to avoid this in the future, when you import the fbx base model, go into the armature option on the fbx import panel and check “ignore leaf bones” then you wont import it with end bones

Thanks for your instructions. I have modified the item accordingly. Can you check again? Thank you so much!

its still not showing.

i think this is because it still has the end bones in the vertex group.

Right click the model, go to parent > clear, keep transform

Then re parent the mesh to the armature with empty groups and weight it fully to the head, and no other bones. this will fix some current weighting issues you also have

I was able to clear the transformation and there were some end bones in vertex groups that I deleted, I was not able to follow the last comment as it is now allowing me to do that. Please find the files attached to this comment and the error screenshots. Could you please give me more instructions? Thanks!


There are still end bones in your armature, check through all your bones and delete them

Hi Sango, I did all of them. I uploaded the file again. Can you help me check again? Thanks.

The arms of the glasses is still being influenced by a bone other than the head and its making it clip and move around when the avatar moves. could you address this?

Hi Sango, I have modified and uploaded again. Can you help me take a look? Thanks!

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