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MVFW 2023 Bubble Babes Space Age

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Bubble Babes Space Boots

Bubble Babes Space Bow

**Bubble Babes Space Nails **

Bubble Babes Space Nail Emote

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I will check collection now! :slight_smile:


Always so on top of it! TY!


all good, but i think bow match top_head or hat category
tiara category is for things like this

or nvm, i think bow is ok for tiara category


Yeah I was basing it on the big rainbow bow I got for Pride last year which was in the tiara slot, so ty for confirming! :partying_face:

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collection approved!


Yessss!! TY TY! Appreciate it

@theankou I’m ready to resubmit a small tweak for the space boots glbs. But I’m running into an issue in builder editor before I push the updates.

I accidentally uploaded the boots glb into the emote upload. I’ve reuploaded the emote glb into the builder as you can see in the image below. It even let me select and save the thumbnail again. At first glance it appears fine - except when I try to select the category ‘poses’ and hit save it gives me this error. “An error occurred invalid request body”. And even tho it lets me save it on loop, when I go out of editor and then back in, it resets the animation loop. I assume this is bc builder somewhere is thinking the boots glb is still there, even tho its not. Is there anyway for you on your end to fix that if i push the updates?

I’ve already sent it out to a small few ppl, so I’d love to know how to resolve this pls! :pray:

Hey @ckbubbles, this is a very strange issue. Sadly, but i can’t edit anything inside of your or any others collections. Please try to find a way to solve this issue (maybe use some tricks or whatever, resave GLB in Blender, completely restart browser, etc)

If you won’t find a solution, then i will report this strange issue to our developers and we will need to wait for answer from them :hushed:

I’ve actually run into this once before and my only solve was to delete and recreate. But that was before it was submitted and approved >.<

The error is that the editor thinks its still a wearable glb, so it is looking for a body type, like male/female. But since its unisex bc its an emote, it cant bypass whatever the editor is believing the file is. Saving a new file, or changing the name doesn’t help. I even asked Isa about it, and she had never seen this error either.

I guess I can try to push the update, but list the emote as like 1mill until we figure out the issue?

I think before pushing update and re-approving of collection, it can stay unsynced for now (this won’t remove wearables from market and won’t let them be unavailable for users)

Can you record an video please? I will send that into curators chat and will wait for developers response

I need to push the updates for the boots though, can i push the updates for that and not the emote? I dont see how to do that.

I’ll record a video in the meantime

@theankou loom video here

i will re-approve collection now, but make sure to set high price for now

Let me push through, will confirm when done.

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Oh never mind it looks like its all good, meaning the pushing of the updates sorry if that was confusing.

Yeah even on this page it seems its reading the glb as a lower body… ‘emote:category:lower_body’

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looks like i can’t re-approve collection beause of this error :frowning:

Okay so now we wait for devs? Or is the reco to delete and resubmit. whole new collection.

Looks like they’re fixed issue, can you try to re-upload glb?