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Muscle Pack

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Amnesia Necklace

Vest 6pack Necklace Black

Vest 6pack Necklace White

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Thanks for your submission.

You may want to optimize your model to be within the triangle count limit

I’m afraid you cant submit your item Amnesia Necklace as an Earring, it would be confusing for other users. Please reformulate your design to be within the available categories.

Both Vest 6pack seems to have some skinning issues, you may want to work on that.


Thank you!

these files have been updated.

@vrglitch may i kindly check in on these? i believe i reuploaped some but could be wrong

Necklace has over 2k tris, please adjust to the suggested limit. Also this item can’t be submitted as a mask. Please reformulate your design to fit any of the available categories or include it with an upper body.

Both Vest 6pack items are not been displayed in the backpack, they may not have been uploaded correctly to the catalyst server, please upload it again and check your items in world.

Thank you!

@vrglitch these files have all been reuploaded. apologies but can you confirm that the necklace is still too many tris?

Hi @Saus, please check acceptance criteria and reformulate your necklace design to fit any of the available categories.
Thank you!

  • Wearables with a disproportionate number of triangles and textures may be rejected. Wearables with too many triangles and textures can result in poor performance and a bad experience for users, so creators should avoid exceeding the following guidelines when creating wearables:

    • 1500 tris per wearable
    • 500 tris per accessory
    • 2 square textures of 512x512px (or lower) per wearable
  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected; for example, a hat that is categorized as a lower body item.

@vrglitch the necklace has been altered to earrings, shold be good to go

great work! please reduce triangle count to be closer to the accessory limit.

fixed @vrglitch sorry about that

Collection approved, thank you