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MultiverseDAO Super Man

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MultiverseDAO Super Man


Hello! Just looking now this is a full body static object. Can you please update to have it weighted correctly to the armature~ (eg. legs, head and arms moving) Currently it’s weighted only to one armature which is not correct.

Let me know how you go!

Hello, this is our superman, we have fixed character size for this character. When we tried adding weights to him and previewing it, we found that the shape was heavily skewed. After a few tries, we decided to show it in a fixed flight position. I’ve also seen such avatars in existing wearables in decentraland, and they fly in a fixed pose.

Hey @Sophie1997 , totally understand its a bit tricky. I can’t really see any updates yet~
Currently it is still full body static object which can’t be accepted regardless of what’s been done in the past due to the weighting not being accurate to the armature and causing issues in game. As this is a humanoid character, if you set it up as a T pose it should work on the main armature.

Please let me know when you update and I’ll re-review~

Hello, I’m Sophie1997, I think I need to communicate with you about wearables.
In fact, regarding my character being completely static, we tried to bind it to a T-pose, but this would cause him to be completely deformed, because we need a character model of this size, but Decentraland is not very compatible, Therefore, after discussion, we decided to use static characters to see the world.
Here are the results of our attempt:

For this character, I have tried to bind him to the node of the Avatar_Hips bone.

Hey @Sophie1997 , if the character doesn’t work on the platform I can’t approve either way. I would recommend designing something for Decentraland~
Have a look at the documents and guidelines:

Please let me know once it’s updated to a point that I can then approve! Also if you decide to continue with the design please make sure you send confirmation this logo can be used to , look forward to hearing from you!

I’m ready sir, please get to work

This is pretty cool to be honest! WOW…

Currently legs are still static, please update to ensure the limbs are moving or there is a representation of ‘feet’ in this design~

Alright sir, we’re done as agreed

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Thank you so much Sophie, I think we’re becoming good friends haha

This looks really good, are you ok with this level of glow?
Recommend reducing it a bit. Currently the cape is single face making it transparent from the front. You can update to be alpha blend / transparency which will fix that!

Currently when walking the cape has clipping, have a look at your weighting~

Have a look at hiding a few things, theres actually no clipping so I only request to hide helmet and any that you would prefer not to work with the design. Thats up to you I think in this case.

Please feel free to reach out if you get stuck or need more information, otherwise let me know when updated!

I’m done, sir, we’re done once again

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This looks absolutely amazing @Sophie1997 !!!

If you’re happy with this head weighting I can approve, you can also weight the head 100% top head.
Let me know what you think!

Ok sir, please deploy this object for us

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All approved, let me know if you have any issues!


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hello sir, this wearable we can’t wear in decentraland, it keeps showing loading.

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Hey @Sophie1997 , in the last update it looks like the materials and tri count are super high which is why it’s not showing up in game. Can you please update to be 5000tris max. and 5 materials then it will load in game. If you can let me know when this is updated I can re-approve.


Sir, we probably won’t revise that soon, can you put the wearable in the store first? When we’re done modifying it, we’ll replace it.

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