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Multicolor Decentraland

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Glasses and Multicolor Poop

Multicolor Jacket

Will take a look at these now!

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Is it intentional to only have male representation for the upper body?

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Yes, the torso is only for men, we will make one for women soon! Anxious for your approval!

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Looks good! Just hide or add hair to the helmet and it will be good for approval just so the hair doesnt stick out like in the picture!

ah! we had tried it with various hairstyles and it was fine! Only with that specific one does it look like that, right?

Hello Yannakis! I have taken your advice and have hidden all the hair and lowered a bit in helmet! I should be ready to pass now! =)

Collection approved!

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Thank you very much! See you soon!

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Base sport jacket used in this one