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MUA community mask

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Hey, can you confirm that the background on thumbnail is transparent??

Hi Yannakis!
Sorry for the late reply, I was not aware that creator need to confirm some detail in the forum. The thumbnail’s background is greay, should I post a transparent thumbnail in .png form?

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Yes please replace the thumpbnail with one that has a transparent background instead of gray

And also remove this from replace.

Thanks Sir! The thumbnail is now with transparent background, and the replace stuff has been removed!
I do appreciate your help, may this wearable get passed now? Thanks again!

Mask doesnt appear in game. Make sure youre usinng the correct armature from the repository. Let me know if you want me to send it!

Hi Yannakis, I believe the armature is correct. I just replaced the textures in with 256x256px(the old one was 512x512px). It should be fine now, could you pls check it again? Much appreciate.

Cant see it in game:( The armature used is not the correct one. Pls DM me

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Thanks Yannakis, pls check dm.

GM Yannakis, I just doawnloaed the new armature in DCL website, and created a new wearable. Could you pls kindly chenck it again? Much appreciate for your patiently support.

Awesome! Appears in game but is weighted to neck instead of head bone

Noted, gonna correct it, thanks!

Just updated, pls kindly check it :blush:

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Collection approved!

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Much appreciated Yannakis!

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