Collection 'Mouse Hat' created by Danny#f3f8 is ready for review!

Hey @Danny_F ,
I’ll take over this curation to help. Feel free to ask for support and I can do my best~

Currently I can see the hat is 12k tris which is way over the standard guidelines. (try to keep it closer to 500) If you can update this and contact legal with confirmation to use the Disney brand/IP, let me know and I can approve~

@michi THANK YOU!!!

Like i said earlier in this post, I didn’t realize I needed IP rights as I had seen other items that were violations. I definitely don’t have it and won’t get it. I’m going with a completely different design. I’ll reach out as soon as I have that posted.

Oh! If that’s what you feel is the best way~
Just drop me an @ when you want me to re-review! :smiley:

Regarding IP something funny. Actually I’d say that Disney stole the design from the 2500 year old “Prince of the Glauberg” Celtic design without knowing it :joy: Here in Germany, we have a whole museum about this guy. But yes, it looks like Disney and the design should be changed nevertheless. :innocent: