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Mouse Hat

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Mouse Hat

First time making an item! Thanks for everyone’s feedback and input in advance!

Hey @Danny#f3f8, how are you?

The item may have IP issues, please provide written consent by Disney owners to proceed with this design. Please email to reconfirm that the NFT/wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.

Thank you!

@Shibu I’m good, thank you!

I do not have Disney’s consent.

This is Disney’s Hat

I purposely tried to change it to not have IP issues.
I also saw the Coca-Cola shirt and Naruto Cloak not have IP issues.

But I totally understand if this situation is different.

Hey Danny! How are you? Yes, i’m afraid Disney probably own that hat IP. :frowning:

About Coca-Cola T shirt, that wearable was design by them. About Naruto Cloack, i’m on it. Thanks for reporting.


@Shibu No problem, I totally understand!

How dose the process work from here? Do I get a refund of the Mana I spent to submit this?

Since the name is a “mouse hat” … I wonder if you could scrap the idea and have a Mouse on your head xD (having some disney ratatouille ideas). I don’t know the policy in creating something then scrapping it but, there was a wearable that had an IP issue (he/she tried to submit a Halo master chief helmet). He scrapped the idea and created something unique … I bet, you can do the same.

I am a pleb and probably dont know what I am saying but I love to view before and after of the wearable’s process.



I agree with @FatherFin . You already have the collection name as mouse hat so that cannot be changed so here is what I would recommend. Change the color of the hat to grey and then add a mouse face kind of like this and I would think it should be good to go.

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#Collab … xDDD That is funny and it works!!!

@Danny_F Yes you can just make a new design related to your collection name that doesn’t conflict with IP interests of global brands!

I’m clearly super new to this so I apologize for my ignorance. This hat has been pending for 12 days, I clearly can’t publish it and I’m not going to release this collection. How can I get the mana I spent to publish it back, so I can publish another item?

I guess what I’m asking is, I have another hat, it’s different and “Mouse Hat” doesn’t fit it. So how can I change the collection name? Or get my Mana back to republish a different collection.

Thank you in advanced!

@Shibu @Malloy Do either of you know the answer to my question above?

from my understanding, you update the item in the collections

Can someone help me? I’ve updated the hat and it is a completely different design. It’s been over a week and it is still under review.

Hello? Can anyone help me?

you could make a cap with big gray mouse ears

Before they respond, i was curious and see your new item, and i see that you have 17,000 Triangles, i think the limit is 1,500, i highly recommend you to fix that before you get response and they will tell you that, and then you will have to wait a lot more days, you can see the full guide of wearables if you google “decentraland wearables editor user guide”.

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@admins Can i please get a response on my item please it had been over 5 months and i have received ZERO feedback.

Hey @Danny_F , I’ll follow this up now with @shibu and @Malloy ! Sorry for the delay~

The collection has been assigned to michitodd