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Modern Renaissance

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Hemming Vest

Modena Frames


The collection has been assigned to Sango

Some clipping and a missing face on the shirt

@Sango updated the shirt model. Can you check now?

now theres extreme weighting issues

@Sango sorry for the last one. You can check now. Its updated

Hey @Sango, any updates on our collection? Can we know how much further time it will take to review and approve?

This collection has been approved

@Sango the thumbnail for this wearable collection is showing the GOLD color for UNIQUE. Should it not be showing as white like other common rarity items?

Just noticed and was confused at first!

so they do! were the thumbnails uploaded with a transparent background?

@Sango, well its not my collection and I’m definitely not an expert but it appears when I grab the thumbnail from here and paste gold is showing in paint. (don’t judge me LOL)

I’m guessing the gold is actually in the thumbnail itself and would need to be updated by @Abdul_Mateen_Khan

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thanks for the detective work! :slight_smile: i will get hold of the creator

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This collection has been disabled please contact me

@Sango thumbnails are updated now. Can you check?

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