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MM shorthorn

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hi i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

you have a normals issue

you can use this setting to see which way your normals are facing like this in blender;

hey i think i fixed it could you take a look please?

not sure if you got the lAST message

hey! theres some backfacing issues

and also the forehead part clips with a few of the hair styles

@sango thanks, any tips on fixing these?

add mesh so that the sides of the mask reach the sides of the avatars face and bring the forehead of the skull out a bit more forward

@Sango is this okay ? sorry to be a pain

all good, just a little gap near the chin to fix then its good to go!

… cmon…95th times the charm haha have i done it?

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perfect! this has been approved. let me know once you have made the same adjustments to the galactic version and we can get that pushed through too

@Sango iv uploaded the same mesh to the galactic mask so should be right.

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thankyou again! really apreciate your time!

youre welcome! could you reupload the file into the galactic version so that the thumbnail shows. its just black right now which is an occasional bug, reuploading will fix this

@Sango think its worked but it dosent look right…

Make sure the thumbnail is a PNG with transparent background

@Sango not sure how to render a transparent bg png. il try work it out

or in photoshop you can just delete the background and save as a png