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Mighty Mohawks

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Mighty Mohawk Pink/Blue

Mighty Mohawk Green/Blue

Approved, they work well and are technically viable!

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Hi @Malloy I have uploaded a new Thumbnail with my Logo could you please rereview my thumbnail please?

I have also uploaded two new Items to this collection. To find that I can’t delete or remove from collection I also can’t submit for review. So my question is there a way to submit to an existing collection? Or do I need to leave stuck and reupload to a new collection?

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Hey, items cant be added to existing collections.
I’ll send this through to the devs to fix. If you want new items they need to be in a new collection and published~

Currently I wont be able to take action on this, thank you for reaching out with this issue!

Thanks! @michi Looks like they removed the stuck items :grin:
But didn’t update the thumbnails yet :slightly_frowning_face:

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I was having a few builder issues so will close this and the other collection off ASAP :v:t2:

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Can you update the thumbnails to be either 512x512 to 1024 x1024 it will allow me to approve~

Very sorry @michi I thought I had done that already must be losing my mind :crazy_face:
Just got the new Thumbnails uploaded :+1:
Thank You for your time. :grin:

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Hello Curation Team :wave: @Sango @Yannakis @Malloy @Shibu @michi @HirotoKai @fabeeobreen @grimey @kristian @Lau was wondering if anyone could please review this update. New GLB & Thumbnail Basically I have just made the wearable lighted. To match the color scheme of my other wearables.

Collection is approved! @OfficialCryptoCube


Thank You Very Much @fabeeobreen Appreciate your super speedy response. :grin: