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Awesome Denim Jacket

Will check this soon!!

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Thank you very much!

Just some weighting issues around the waist area. Also is it intentional to have white hands?

Thank you for the feedback @Yannakis!

We submitted an updated item, please let us know if there is something else.

Best Regards!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Make sure to remove weighting from all bones from bottom part except from hips bones.

Hey @Yannakis,

We uploaded new version with weighting removed.

About the hands colour - how can we make it to be consistent with the skin colour? Do we have to submit several models for all available skin colours?

Thank you!

Hey, still the same issue and you also need a female version. To make skin color change you have to remove the texture on the material and name it “AvatarSkin_MAT”



I am responsible for the modelling.

Few questions.

I have removed the weighting from all the bones. Are these the hip bones that you are speaking of.

If I remove the texture, wont everything that I did on the model disappear. Should I just remove the texture only on the hand and then name the material “AvatarSkin_MAT”.

If the the weighting is not the problem, I have checked some youtube videos, that suggested to add cloth modifier or solidify modifier. Should we add this to try and change the issue or a modifier that you suggest.

If nothing works out of these is this a issue with the collision between the lower and upper body in decentraland.

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Hi @Yannakis

Can you help us with the above?

Thank you!

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Hey, the builder is under maintenance at the moment so ill approve as soon as its back up!

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Hello, @Yannakis

Thank you for the clarification, but can you answer the questions from my colleague @Aradev23, who is responsible for the model creation?

Tihomir Georgiev

Yes you have to only remove skin texture from skin material and rename it. As for the bones there’s should be bones named “hips bone” and “spine bone”

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New version uploaded, @Yannakis :slight_smile:

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Awesome, the builder is on maintenance right now so just be a bit patient and ill make sure to update you on the wearable asap!

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Hey looks like you still have it weighted to upper legs too. make sure to remove that


I removed the wheight from the upper legs , should i remove it also for the hip part, it doesn’t have much effect anyways. Any suggestion

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Nope hips is the most important the lower part of the shirt should only be weighted to the hip bone

Not sure what youre showing on the picture