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I Bought Weed In The Metaverse


Hey it seems waist vertices are not 100% weighted to the hips bone. Please find more info in the wearable guide Creating Wearables | Decentraland

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Also you may like to add a more representative thumbnail image.

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I’ve fixed all of this can you please approve these.

I’ve updated this for KandyGirl, redone the mesh to match DCL body shape, added a fun gummy bear on the shoulder and in hand, set up a high res preview for marketplace and created both male and female representation!

Says 3 textures but I think builder is adding an extra one somewhere :man_shrugging:
Texture One: Base UV
Texture Two: Transparency

Let me know if there’s any changes and I’ll make the updates~ :pray: :cloud:

I can’t wait to wear this in support of KandyGirl! Great team and great design.

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any updates on this one

Collection approved!!

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Woo, Thank you! Lets go~ :bear: :teddy_bear:

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