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MetaWear - Upperbody

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MetaWear Community Jacket


Hi All :smiley:

Have a look on this one and let us know if there are any changes needed.

As you can see in the picture. The jacket has some floating particles around it, these have a little emission on it, we tried in test world if it looks good. But if it is not, just ring the bell and we change it!

It will be our community jacket for all our users in Discord and for all who wants to support us.

Thanks for having a look and the support in advance :smiley:

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Hi Team!

Maybe we were a bit enthusiastic with our common rarity. We would like to change this to RARE rarity if it is still possible.

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Please have to a look this beautiful jacket. No ones ever made anything as beautiful as this. I urge and request DAO to please approve this asap.!!:pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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That is kind Omimiz! There are many great creators who all made beautiful creations, we are not different then them :smiley:

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Yes but this will raise the bar higher :gem::raised_hands:t2:

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Cant wait until this get approved. Nice work.

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Just checking in and pump it to the top :smiley: take your time, we know it is busy with all creations :smiley:

Some extra info about the creation:

builder is saying 3 textures. We have:

  • Avatar skin texture (which is basic, we can’t remove it or the hands disappear, or we need to make gloves in jacket texture…)
  • Jacket and particle texture combined in one
  • Emission texture for the particles

If Avatar skin texture doesn’t count, it is 2 textures then.

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Awesome work!, I’m afraid rarity cant be changed. Your item has been approved.

No worry about the rarity, we will double check it next time :d Thanks for your time and help.

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@Shibu also a rip off of DG track suit geo


Hey just noticed. Will temporarily disable untill its all figured out @Shibu